Our company

International inspection company LLP «Baltic Control Kazakhstan» was founded on  the 24th of August, 2007.

LLP «Baltic Control Kazakhstan» is regarded as one of the “First Class Inspection Companies”  which performs quality and quantity control of goods exported out of the Republic of Kazakhstan  and imported into the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with standards of importing and exporting countries.

Our company is a member of the IFIA (International Federation of Inspection Agencies) and the Grain Traders Association GAFTA, as an inspection company and as an accredited laboratory.

The management system of our company  is certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 standard.

Certificates’ confirming  the existence and quality of  goods which are recognized by all  financial institutions involved.

The company provides the following services:

  • Contract analysis and requirements guidance of the destination country
  • Pre-shipment inspection and validation of grain receipts
  • Weight and/or the quantity control during the shipment of goods
  • Quality control of  goods, both on the elevator and in the ports
  • Collateral Management (CMA) of stored goods and Stock Monitoring (SMA)


“Baltic Control Certification” LPP is one of the 6 laboratories accredited by the standards of the ST RK ISO 17025, ST RK ISO 17065 standarts for all grain producing regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. We  have the rights to conduct quality control and safety assesement of grains and grain products in the port of Aktau.

Our highly qualified staff  and  well equipped laboratories allows us to provide the best quality service in the shortest possible time.

Provided services:

  • Organization and certification of the products
  • Quality Expertise of grains with the issuance of Quality Certificate
  • Inspection Control over the certified products
  • Issuance of the Declarations of Conformity for goods (products and services)
  • Evaluation of the requirements for the country of origin of goods
  • Grain and grain products quality estimation (technology, milling and baking properties and other parameters)
  • Production certification


Wide range of services provided by our group of companies such as scientific researches, training and education of employees which helps  us to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

With the high-tech measuring equipments and instruments at our disposal in our testing laboratories, we are able to carry out a full range of quality testing of grains, oilseeds, legumes and processed products.

Please note that a one-time order of international inspection services, inspection by  the standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan and fumigation significantly affects the price cut for the work performed.

List of cities and countries in which the company operates:

Branches in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Azerbaijan:

  1. Astana
  2. Kokshetau
  3. Kostanay
  4. Petropavlovsk
  5. Aktau – «Ak-Biday» terminal
  6. Aktau – Aktau Sea North Terminal
  7. Aktau – Caspian Global terminal
  8. The «Ak-Biday» grain terminal in Baku

The company also performs inspections both for shipment and intake in neighboring countries:

  1. The Islamic Republic of Iran
  2. The People’s Republic of China
  3. The Russian Federation
  4. Uzbekistan
  5. Kyrgyzstan
  6. Tajikistan

In conjunction with partners, the company may also perform inspections in:

  1. EU countries
  2. In all of the Russian Federation ports
  3. Ukraine
  4. Baltic countries