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“Baltic Control Kazakhstan” group of companies

Includes the following companies:

International Inspection Company “Baltic Control Kazakhstan” LLP was founded on August 24, 2007.

It is part of the First Class Inspection Companies group and controls the quality and quantity of goods exported and imported by the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with international standards and the standards of the importing country.

The company is a member of International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA) and the Association of Grain Traders (GAFTA), as an inspection company and an accredited laboratory.

The company's management system is certified for compliance with ISO 9001 standard.

Company certificates confirming the availability and quality of goods are recognized by all leading financial organizations.

The company provides the following services:

  • Analysis of the contract and providing recommendations on the requirements of destination country
  • Pre-shipment inspection and validation of the grain receipt
  • Weight and /or quantity control during goods shipment
  • Quality control of shipped goods, both at the elevator and at the ports
  • Collateral storage and storage monitoring

“Baltic Control KZ Certification” LLP unites a network of six GAFTA grain traders, laboratories in all grain-growing regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and in the port of Aktau accredited in ST RK ISO 17025, ST RK ISO 17065 system of international organization, conducting quality assessment and assessment of grain safety, and grain products.

The company is staffed with highly qualified specialists, which allows carrying out certification testing of products efficiently and in the shortest possible time

The types of services provided:

  • Organization and arrangement of products certification
  • Conducting a quality control with the issuance of quality passports
  • Inspection control of certified products
  • Declaration of safety of products (works, services) with the issuance of the declaration of conformity;
  • Work performance upon examination of the requirements of the country of goods origin;
  • Determination of grain and grain products quality (technological, milling and baking properties and other indicators)
  • Determination of grain and grain products quality (technological, milling and baking properties and other indicators)