port of Aktau, industrial zone, Aktau city.

Director :
Galyamov Rinat Rafailevich
Tel: + 7 777 504 23 57
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Deputy director:
Zholayev Bakhitzhan Bekzhanovich
Tel: + 7 777 533 05 02
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Laboratory head:
Tel: + 7 777 504 23 69
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Aktau city branch

I welcome you on behalf of the branch of “Baltic Control Kazakhstan” LLP. Our company is always ready to cooperate with you! Choosing us, you will be satisfied with your decision.

Sincerely, Galyamov Rinat Rafailevich
Director of “Baltic Control Kazakhstan” LLP, Aktau city


The representative office was founded in 2007.

Today the regional representative office consists of two divisions located at grain terminals of “Ak-Biday” JSC and “Aktau Marine North Terminal” LLP and has 18 competent and experienced specialists who have been specially trained in accordance with their specialization and have significant experience. These specialists carry out activities in the field of inspection of cereals, legumes and oilseeds, as well as metal products and other goods.

Branch services are especially in demand, taking into account the peculiarities of transportation and storage of grain crops. Due to possible violations of transportation and storage conditions at elevators and CRS, there is a possibility of deterioration of grain quality indicators. The type and extent of disease spread, organoleptic, physical chemical parameters of the grain can be estimated only by laboratory method.

To ensure continuous and accurate operation, the branch laboratories are equipped with modern instruments and equipment, have express analyzers from the world's leading manufacturers such as FOSS, Perten Instruments, Sartorius, which allow determining the main quality indicators with high accuracy and in a short time and meets all regulatory requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international standards. Determination of quality indicators is carried out not only according to the national standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also according to ISO, ICC, ISIRI international standards.

Our competence includes:

  • Analysis of the contract and providing recommendations on the requirements of destination country;
  • Pre-shipment inspection;
  • Weight and /or quantity control during the shipment and acceptance of goods: quantity control, loss control, weighting monitoring, tallyman control;
  • Quality control of received and shipped goods;
  • Storage monitoring;
  • Determination of the amount of loaded cargo by the draft of the vessel (draft survey) with the issuance of report and certificate;
  • Measurement of voids;
  • Sampling before/during loading in accordance with GAFTA, FOSFA rules;
  • Inspection of cleanliness of tanks and holds;
  • Cargo handling control;
  • Acceptance of motor ships unloading at the ports (Port of Baku, Port of Amirabad, Anzali-Iran)
  • Survey of sample analysis and ship sample composition. Reports are provided to the customer throughout the entire storage /loading process and usually on a daily basis;
  • Acceptance of cargo holds for loading suitability;
  • Inspection of containers;

Advantage for the customer:

  • Reduce the risks for the business related to the likelihood of delivering low-quality products and inappropriate quantities;
  • Ability to use independent inspection results;
  • Ability to respond and protect the interests in the event of a complaint;
  • Confidence in real quantity and quality and other characteristics of the product.

The subdivision on the territory of “Aktau Marine North Terminal” LLP operates as a production and technological laboratory, and provides input and output control of grain crops upon receipt from railway transport and shipment to the ship. Laboratory specialists not only conduct grain research, but also take a direct part in acceptance, storage, movement and shipment of grain.

At branch laboratories, the following types of indicators are determined:

In cereals:

  • organoleptic indicators;
  • infection by pests;
  • humidity;
  • nature;
  • weed and grain impurities;
  • glassy;
  • mass fraction of the quantity and quality of gluten;
  • falling number;
  • protein content;
  • mass of 1000 grains;
  • mass fraction of protein.

In legumes:

  • organoleptic indicators;
  • infection by pests;
  • humidity;;
  • weed and grain impurities;

In oilseeds:

  • organoleptic indicators;
  • humidity;
  • infection by pests;
  • weed and oil impurities.

Metal products and other goods:

  • Visual inspection of quality and quantity of goods;
  • Ensuring the conditions of storage of goods and monitoring the work of cargo handling.

In products of the processing of grain, flour, bran:

  • organoleptic indicators;
  • infection by pests;
  • humidity;
  • fineness of grinding;
  • crude gluten content;
  • falling number;
  • metallomagnetic impurity;

All branch specialists have specialized education. Within the framework of the program for provision of advanced training for company employees, visits to seminars and courses are annually organized, as well as participation in exhibitions and conferences.