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Director :
Bondarenko Yelena Vitaliyevna
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Laboratory head
Vitek Alyona Igorevna
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Kokshetau city branch

I welcome you on behalf of the branch of “Baltic Control Kazakhstan” LLP. Our company is always focused on its customers and is interested in close and productive cooperation.

Sincerely, Bondarenko Yelena Vitaliyevna
Director of “Baltic Control Kazakhstan” LLP, Kokshetau city

The representative office of “Baltic Control Kazakhstan” LLP in Kokshetau was founded in August 2007, later on July 26, 2013 a branch of “Baltic Control KZ Certification” LLP was formed, which includes an accredited testing laboratory.

The testing laboratory (TL) has highly qualified personnel competent in the implementation of procedures that accompany the entire cycle of examination of product quality.

The quality system of TL is focused on continuous training of specialists by attending seminars, courses, constant exchange of experience with colleagues from foreign countries, as well as periodic internal certification throughout the entire term of work.

To conduct a high-level quality examination, our laboratory is equipped with the most reliable and modern equipment, which gives us the opportunity to conduct a wide range of physical and chemical tests. We select only high-quality equipment of trusted manufacturers and conduct internal quality control to ensure full confidence in the reliability of the results.

To date, the field of accreditation of TL includes 15 types of products:

  • soft wheat
  • durum wheat
  • barley
  • oats
  • rapeseed seeds
  • flax seeds
  • sunflower
  • mustard seeds
  • soy
  • chickpeas
  • peas
  • small seed / plate lentils
  • wheat flour
  • wheat bran

The field of TL accreditation is expanding annually depending on market trends.

Field of activity

  • Consulting services
  • Product safety assessment
  • Issue of quality certificates
  • Inspection of empty wagons for cleanliness, tightness, contamination
  • Analysis of the contract and providing recommendations on the requirements of destination country
  • Pre-shipment inspection

Our specialists carry out an international inspection to confirm the quality and quantity of various imported and exported goods, with the issuance of appropriate certificates of international standard.

The determination of quality indicators is carried out not only according to the national standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also according to the international systems ISO, ICC, ISIRI, EN for assessing the quality of performed analyzes.

The main principles of our laboratory are:

  • Operational deadlines;
  • Highest analysis accuracy due to the presence of high-tech equipment;
  • Continuous improvement of labor management and its knowledge and skills in the field of inspection services, examination, testing and certification;
  • Performance of all types of work constituting the field of TL activity in accordance with established methods and requirements of customers;
  • Ensuring the reliability of test results;
  • Protection of the interests of producers and consumers;
  • Confidentiality of performed work;
  • Maintaining confidence and interest of the consumer.

Systematically and contractually on our branch’s base, practical and theoretical training seminars are held for students of Kokshetau State University named after Sh. Ualikhanov, students of the Higher Agricultural College of Chaglinka village, heads of PTL of cereal receiving stations.