147, Tauyelsizdik Street, Kosnatay city.
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Director :
Zhumagulov Serik Akanovich
Tel: + 7 777 504 23 59
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Office manager:
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Kostanay city branch

I welcome you to the official page of the branch of “Baltic Control Kazakhstan” LLP in Kostanay city. Our company always focuses on its customer and is guided by its desire to be a leader in each segment that we serve and contribute to the successful business of our customers. I sincerely hope that you have found a reliable partner in the person of “Baltic Control Kazakhstan” LLP and that we contribute to your success.

Sincerely, Zhumagulov Serik Akanovich
Director of “Baltic Control Kazakhstan” LLP, Kostanay city

“Baltic Control Kazakhstan LLP” in Kostanay city is a team of experienced specialists specializing in the inspection of quality / quantity / safety verification of cereals, oilseeds, legumes and their processed products. We conduct inspections at elevators and CRS of Kostanay and neighboring regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as in the Russian Federation, with the issuance of relevant documents of Kazakhstan and international standard.

Our competence includes:

  • Analysis of the contract and providing recommendations on the requirements of destination country
  • Pre-shipment inspection and validation of the grain receipt
  • Weight and /or quantity control during goods shipment
  • Quality control of shipped goods, both at the elevator and at the ports
  • Collateral storage and storage monitoring


To be a leader in each segment that we serve, contributing to the successful business of our customers better than our competitors.


To be a reliable, long-term partner for our customers, which is aimed at continuous improvement of solutions, service, as well as create a high moral culture for our customers and employees.


There is no chance for the compromise in our business. Regardless of the importance and type of work, we always carry out it with strict adherence to all safety requirements.

To increase the level of professional safety, we are guided by the following rules:

  • 1. Strict compliance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as regulatory and other requirements of the customer in the field of labor protection, health and professional safety;
  • 2. Systematization of requirements in the field of labor protection in laws, by-laws, orders, instructions and plans;
  • 3. Continuous improvement of employees’ safety;
  • 4. Building communication elements to complete tasks and comprehensive training of company employees in labor protection and safety.

“Baltic Control Kazakhstan” LLP in Kostanay city is a company that takes into account the needs of the customer. We work with a clear understanding that all decisions we make and processes we carry out are implemented exclusively in the interests of our customers.

Working with the customer, we are always aimed at long-term and close cooperation, because this is the basis of our values.

Our relations with each Customer are based on the following principles:

  • Stability
  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Partnership based on decisions made

Constantly improving the quality of our services, striving to always be one-step ahead of the competitor, we always listen to the customer and his wishes. Focusing on this, we are building a new strategy, expanding, improving the quality of the provided services

Personal experience and teamwork in combination with modern technologies allow us to offer our customers an effective range of services. We work around the clock, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

The branch laboratory is equipped with modern instruments and equipment; it has express analyzers of the world's leading manufacturers such FOSS, Perten Instruments, Sartorius, which allow determining the main quality indicators with high accuracy and in a short time.

The determination of quality indicators is carried out not only according to the National Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also according to international standards ISO, ICC, ISIRI, GB, EN, etc.

The branch laboratory also conducts tests to determine the germination and germination energy of cereals, legumes and oilseeds.

For the company, the highest priority is to provide services to customers at the highest level. This can only be achieved with the help of a professional team who loves and knows their job. For this, we have concluded cooperation agreements on the practice of students studying in specialties "Standardization and Certification", "Technology of processing production", "Elevator, flour, groat and feed production" with the following companies:

  • “Kostanay engineering and economic university named after M. Dulatov" private institution;
  • "Kostanay polytechnic higher college" SMMC;
  • “Kostanay State University named after A. Baitursynov” (KSU named after A. Baitursynov)

for further employment of young professionals in our company.

The staff is constantly improving their skills in various courses and training seminars.

The work of the branch is a balanced system that operates correctly and independently to some extent. It is important what happens inside the branch. We mean the efficiency of work processes and a positive mood within the team and it is important what goes outside: stable relationships with customers and partners, a positive reputation and high social responsibility. It is valuable to make the customer feel that we will do everything for him that lies in our power, and even more.

Our team is very friendly, and we try to support the desire of people to spend time together. Within the office, trainings and vocational training are held for this purpose, and we arrange collective going out into nature and corporate events out of work

The company regularly organizes meetings of all branches at which they discuss what is happening in the company, set goals, share knowledge and look for new opportunities for development and high quality of service. The mood, internal and external motivation of each employee is very important. Openness plays a big role; the solution to any problem comes during a conversation. We support the same principle of honest dialogue in relation to customers and partners.

It is important for every businessperson to find a good service provider and to be sure that there will be no malfunctions. Working with customers and realizing a high degree of responsibility in such a partnership, “Baltic Control Kazakhstan” LLP strives to do its job professionally and on time, because they are motivated by the possibility of long-term cooperation. Please contact “Baltic Control Kazakhstan” LLP employees for detailed information on provided services. Our independent services make a significant contribution to improving the efficiency of our customer’s processes, and also guarantee the continuous development of their business.